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Due to the commercial sensitivity of the information contained within the website, Crown Commercial Service reserve the right to refuse access to the website if it believes the person requesting authorisation is not directly involved in procuring vehicles for their Organisation. We may remove any user(s) found to be abusing the system or breaching the confidentiality of the information contained within. It is the responsibility of the PSO to inform Crown Commercial Service and the chosen lease company(s) (if applicable) should there be any changes to their registration, user details or profile.

If you have not used the Fleet Portal since its upgrade on 28th January 2019, you will need to re-register, using your email address as your user name.

Please note, if you are the first person within your organisation to re-register you will also be required to provide organisation details including payment profile.

The re-registration process may result in some minor delays in producing lease quotations whilst the lease suppliers re-activate accounts.

Please see Customer User Guide for further information

If you are a Supplier please login using your email address.

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