Crown Commercial Service Vehicle Lease & Purchase

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Welcome to the Crown Commercial Service Fleet Portal

The Fleet Portal supports both the Vehicle Lease (RM3710) and Vehicle Purchase (RM6060) Framework Agreements.
Registration will give you access to purchase and lease quotations for standard cars and light commercial vehicles requiring no conversion.  Optional extras can however be included in quotations.
Vehicle Lease
The Fleet Portal pulls real-time prices from each supplier's website, based on your organisation profile which you set up when you register. Prices will be displayed along with SMR costs, finance rates and other information which enables you to make a quick and easy comparison. Prices are valid for 30 days subject to manufacturers price increases. Please note that if a customer does not specify any paint option, supplier's quotation systems may use the preferred options mechanism to identify which is the most cost effective rental option, solid or metallic.
Vehicle Purchase
The manufacturer framework discounts are applied to the Manufacturer Retail Price to give you a net discounted price.  All vehicle technical information is available to enable you to compare one vehicle against another and there is a link to the Vehicle Lease framework to obtain real time lease quotes.   
Although online quotations can not be run for Lots 3 - 7 (inclusive) from the Vehicle Purchase framework, you will find all supplier and framework information about these within the Fleet Portal.